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I just wanted to let you know how happy I am that I found your product! I have always tried to have my legs elevated when flying and would try to stick my toes into the magazine pocket, on the chair or on any ledge I could possibly find, to no avail. Finally I can have my feet up and find so many positions so I stay comfortable the entire flight. Not only was I more comfortable, I also didn't have the swollen ankles I usually get after a long flight. Thank you so much!
Was the best travel accessory! Made my flight so much more comfortable! Couldn't recommend it more.
I only had a 4.5 hour journey today but it’s such a lifesaver. I struggle with my hips and back and having this helps so much.
Fantastic product for long flights! It makes flying economy so much more comfortable!
I fly with my foot rest all the time now. It feels like I'm in a lounge chair at home...I love it. Totally takes the pressure off my lower back and hips. If someone wants to get past, you just take your legs out and it’s no hassle. I usually stand up anyway when the person beside me wants to get out. It's no different to getting out into the aisle if it wasn't there. I love it!!
Last year I travelled to NZ flight was superb it's a kind of recliner best seats in economy class.
Many thanks for a great product (I have used mine on over 17 flights – I love it)...We did one trip that included 15 flights in 3 weeks and I was dreading it as my legs used to ache on flights – which is why my daughter gave me this amazing foot rest. Now I am a true believer and recommend this product to friends, acquaintances and even travel agents whenever the opportunity arises.
Thanks for making such an awesome product!...I've used this on 3 trips now to the UK and back from the USA and each time I feel more happy that I purchased it!
We have happily used our HammockRest on Virgin for trips to the US...I definitely find I can sleep better when I use it.
So we used the hammock on all legs of our flights including two Qantas flights!!! Totally changed our flying experience!
I had this hammock rest when I flew just under 2 weeks ago and it's brilliant, used it for my leg after my knee replacement and will continue to use it when we fly again, a great asset!
So I travel a lot, which is great, but I'm also 4'11" which means I usually end up with my legs dangling off the edge of my seat for long stretches of time. Doesn't seem like a big deal, but it gets very uncomfortable and awkward to find a position that I can actually relax on. So when I say that the first time I used this sucker, I knocked out for 8 solid hours, I mean I KNOCKED OUT FOR 8 SOLID HOURS. I missed the snack cart! I was so comfy that I would’ve missed my meals altogether had it not been for my very considerate seatmates. TLDR: get it. Your blood circulation will thank you.
I have used this on 3 flights now, and love it. I am short, so this gives support to me. Several people have asked where I got it, and I have passed on the information about where/how to order it. Amazing product.
Just bought to try out. Resulted is outstanding for flying more than 6hrs.
So easy to use! The adjustable strap made it made it useable, not only for myself, but also for my 8 yr. old Grandson. Definitely made our flight to Hawaii much more comfortable.
I was DREADING a 17.5-hour flight in an Economy seat, but, just because I had a Hammockrest and could RAISE MY LEGS, I survived rather well. If I ever don’t have enough points to book Business Class, I will always take along this nifty little sling.
This airplane footrest got me through my twenty hour flight to Asia. I was skeptical about the durability of the straps when I first got them but they are super sturdy. I usually get leg cramps when I'm sitting for a long time on the plane and these helped out a lot. I was able to sleep soundly and comfortably. Since I usually sit in the aisle seat, I was worried about the footrest being in the way when other passengers walked past me but it wasn't an issue at all. I was able to fold it in quickly into the magazine holster in front of me whenever someone needed to get out. All in all, it's an incredible product, and I'm going to be bringing it along with me for all my travels!
I just tried my footrest out on a six hour flight to Hawaii. What a difference! I’m only 4’6” tall and was so tired of my feet dangling a few inches off the floor or having to use my carry on bag as a footrest. I let my sisters try it out and they each asked me to order one for them. It’s outstanding!
This product has changed my relationship with long flights. Bought it for a 16 hours flight to Dubai and I was comfy and happy as a clam the whole way. I could now curl up and get comfortable using this product. Never realized how leg positioning played such a role in making flights unbearable until I had relief with this. I never write reviews but I am telling everyone about this! Buy it for sure!
Used this on a 14hr flight on Virgin Australia. On the way there, I was too cramped and didn't have my things in order so I didn’t use it, and my legs were aching by the time I got off the plane. On the way back, I had myself together and was able to hook it up to the tray table. I was as gentle as possible, to not disturb the person ahead, and they did not seem to notice my movements. My legs were very happy during and after the long flight! Very comfortable, and easy to adjust and change positions. It really took pressure off my lower back and made the long flight easy. Thank you!
I have short legs so sitting on anything is hard. This product was wonderful. I hung it over the drop down tray. I was able the get quite cozy in my limited space seat. This product is light and very easy to fold up at the end of the flight. It was worth the cost and I am so happy the advertisement met my expectations.
I bought this for a good friend who was traveling from New Jersey to southern India, which involved 20 hours on airplanes each way. She LOVED this product. During the first few hours of the flight, she forgot I had given her this gift and she was getting increasingly more uncomfortable. Finally she remembered and got it set up. She said it kept her legs comfortable and the cramps she had started getting disappeared. Thank you for making such an innovative and useful product!! A big hit for my friend!
Used for a long flight to Europe from the States. Definitely helped with the seemingly zero legroom they give you in economy.