FAQ & Airline Info

Airlines & Safety Info

Most airlines and cabin crew are more than happy for you and/or your child to use the HammockRest and be comfortable. Use of our product is ultimately at the discretion of the cabin crew on the day and whilst we cannot guarantee you can use your hammock on every single flight, in our experience, it is very unusual to be told you cannot use the hammock.

The hammock is such a NEW concept and on some occasions, you may be questioned by a cabin crew member about the hammock. If you were to be questioned, please let them know the following:

  • The hammock does not disturb the person in front or other passengers.
  • The hammock does not damage the tray table.
  • It is only used during the cruise portion of the flight and will be stowed away for taxi, take-off and landing.


What if there is an emergency on the plane?

If an emergency is declared, the hammock must not be used. The foot rest can be removed and packed in mere seconds.

When we were developing HammockRest™ it was very important that it did not disturb or annoy other passengers. Due to the way airline seats are engineered and where the hammock attaches, movement in the hammock is not felt by the passenger sitting in front.

You won't be blocking anyone sitting beside you as it is not taking up all of the space in front of you. You will still be able let others pass through you with ease just as if the hammock was not there.