About Us

About Us - HammockRest™ - Foot Rest Hammock - The Premium Economy Class Experience - Enjoyable, Comfortable, First Class

The team behind HammockRest™ strongly believe that flying economy class should still be an enjoyable experience.

However, common reflections that come to mind when thinking of flying economy class include long hours of uncomfortable sitting with your feet planted on the hard cabin floor. The displeasure from a long flight and minimal movement then leads to harsh aches and pains. Economy class seats or similar travel shouldn't be so awful.

Through a thorough analysis of why aches and pains are so common led to the game-changing invention of HammockRest™. A simple solution to aches, pains, discomfort, restlessness, and the distressing reputation of economy class travel.

Travelers shouldn't feel the need to purchase the first class experience just to catch some rest on their flight. That's why we believe that the HammockRest™ provides a comfortable experience that is more than enough to allow travelers to get their much deserved rest.

The simple solution brought to you by HammockRest™ births the new age of a great economy class experience.

Our Mission

Our Mission - HammockRest™ - Provide comfort to the world of travel - Eliminate economy class discomfort, pain & restlessness - Foot Rest Hammock

It is our mission to provide a whole new level of comfort to the world of travel, especially the economy class experience, and eliminate the dreaded thoughts associated, such as restlessness, discomfort and pain.