HammockRest - The Portable Travel Foot Rest For Airplanes - Review

Restless legs on an airplane can be one of the most aggravating feelings on a long flight. For those of us unlucky to be flying with the Business Class or First Class passengers, it becomes a battle to see how comfortable you can get. And when you’re dealing with a matter of inches between you and the passenger in front of you, the smallest of adjustments can make a big difference.

The Portable Travel Footrest made by HammockRest claims to help give you options with your feet. I sometimes find myself in some of the most uncomfortable situations on a coach flight. But one of the biggest issues has been simply wanting to have my legs a bit off the ground so I can get some blood going in them and not look like a fool hanging off the edge of my seat searching for anywhere for my foot to rest. For those in the middle seat it can be an even more difficult task to do anything different from simply staring straight ahead with nowhere to move.

Small But Smart

Enter the Foot Hammock. Honestly there’s not too much to this product at first glance. It’s simply a small pocket about a foot and a half wide with a strap that adjusts to the length you desire. It takes about 15 seconds to attach the clasped strap around the base of the tray mechanism in front of you. Yes, you can have the tray up or down while using. The only issue may be the height of your knees under the tray if you are tall like me. Simply put your feet in the Hammock and adjust to the most comfortable length.

My wife and I recently tested the Hammock on a short two-hour flight to see if it would provide the comfort we needed. A few things we noticed was that getting your feet off the floor made your lumbar area of your back feel better. Maybe it’s just the option to do something with your feet since there are so many limitations without them. Either way it felt good to have your feet elevated and that fact that it made my knees rise up several inches made me realize it could have another benefit. The strap has the ability of being a length to where you could probably easily rest your head on your knees without hitting your head on the seat in front of you. Possibly a huge benefit if you find yourself in a middle seat.

The Conclusion

The hammock folds up to a small handheld pouch that takes up very little space. I found that my legs didn’t feel as restless as I am accustomed to and that was a benefit in itself. My wife who is quite a bit smaller was able to swing her feet a bit which was comforting to her to keep them moving. The passenger in front mentioned she never felt anything different and we all know how important that is these days. It will certainly find its way into my carry on for future flights.