A Review Of The HammockRest Airplane Foot Rest

Most airplane seats aren’t exactly known for their extreme comfort. If your ankles are prone to swelling or you’re just plain uncomfortable in an upright position, you know that elevating your feet on a long flight can be a life-saver. Or you may just prefer to have your legs up when you recline your seat. I know I do. That’s why I decided to test out a foot sling on my last red-eye flight. Here’s my review of the HammockRest Airplane Foot Rest.

How To Use HammockRest:

Option 1 - As a leg sling

Being able to replicate our easy chairs on an airplane may be a pipe dream, but it doesn’t keep us from trying. Hence the popularity of a foot sling like the HammockRest Airplane Foot Rest. With your legs stretched out in front of you and your seat pushed back, you can get closer to lying flat than you would otherwise in an airplane seat. Many folks find it helps keep the blood flowing and takes the downward pressure off their lower backs. For people of small stature whose feet don’t touch the floor, it can’t be beat.

Option 2 - As a hanging foot stool

If leg room is a problem in your Basic Economy seat and your aim is to simply get your feet off the floor, just rest them in the sling with your legs bent at a 90° angle. You can adjust the strap to your heart’s content to get your feet at the perfect height.

What I Liked About HammockRest

  • Comfortable: Offers a way to elevate your feet when you recline your seat
  • Easy to Use: Readily hangs from the arms of the tray table in front of you
  • Adjustable: The strap can be shortened or lengthened depending on your height
  • Lightweight: Weighs nothing and folds up into a compact drawstring bag
  • Soft: Made of cushy Memory Foam

The Verdict

The HammockRest Airplane Foot Rest is ideal for people who really can’t sit for long periods of time with their feet down. If you have some empty space under the seat in front of you (even better if you bought a seat with extra leg room), you should be able to get your feet elevated off the floor with this sling. How much really depends on where you’re sitting on the plane, your body type, and how far back you can recline your seat. Some people have had real success with HammockRest. See for yourself. You just might forget that you left your La-Z-Boy at home.