• HammockRest - The Portable Travel Foot Rest For Airplanes - Review

    Restless legs on an airplane can be one of the most aggravating feelings on a long flight. For those of us unlucky to be flying with the Business Class or First Class passengers, it becomes a battle to see how comfortable you can get. And when you’re dealing with a matter of inches between you and the passenger in front of you, the smallest of adjustments can make a big difference.
  • A Review Of The HammockRest Airplane Foot Rest

    Most airplane seats aren’t exactly known for their extreme comfort. If your ankles are prone to swelling or you’re just plain uncomfortable in an upright position, you know that elevating your feet on a long flight can be a life-saver. That’s why I decided to test out a foot sling on my last red-eye flight. Here’s my review of the HammockRest Airplane Foot Rest.
  • This Travelers Foot Rest Makes Economy Feel Like First Class

    I was skeptical when I stumbled onto the goofy-sounding HammockRest footrest, but after reading a handful of glowing testimonials, I decided that it was worth a test run...
  • Economy Class Hack For A First Class Seat

    No one ever thinks of sitting on a plane for hours as cozy. Your back gets jacked, your legs get twisted, and your feet get crammed into a tight nook. But, what if sitting on an airplane could be as comfortable as sitting in a cushy recliner? Now, it can be with the HammockRest™...