The Foot Rest You've Been Needing

What Is HammockRest™?

HammockRest™ is simply, a foot rest hammock. It was thoughtfully designed and specially created with the purpose of making flights in economy class or similar, more comfortable and pleasurable.

Say goodbye to restless flights and dreadful seated travel!

HammockRest™ - Foot Rest Hammock- The Optimum Travel Experience

The Optimum Travel Experience

Simplicity At Its Best

HammockRest™ - Foot Rest Hammock- Prototype

multiple uses

HammockRest™ - Foot Rest Hammock- For Work At Your Desk


Give much needed support to your lower back, legs and feet during those long hours of sitting at your desk. Leave those aches and pains behind with this simple solution.

HammockRest™ - Foot Rest Hammock- For Rest At Your Desk


The length of HammockRest™ can be easily adjusted. Shorten the straps to elevate your legs so that you can lean back with your legs up - allowing for a relaxing rest.

HammockRest™ - Foot Rest Hammock- For Travel In Planes And Trains


Simply attach HammockRest™ to the table tray in front of you and let your foot rest hang. Lay your feet in the hammock and enjoy your optimum travel experience.